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ACE IT Solutions is a rapidly growing Custom Software Development Company in Madurai, specialized in developing various software products for retail, for more than 10 years. With highly experienced and qualified Professionals, we provide solutions in the IT Industry like

  • Custom Software Applications
  • Web Design & Web Development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Website Vulnerability Assessment
  • Domain Registration
  • Bulk SMS
  • E-Book creation
  • Consultancy Services

"Client Satisfaction is our first and foremost priority". We believe in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. At every stage of the development process, from initial designing stage to product release, we maintain the highest quality standards, so that our clients might not suffer in any stage of work. All our products are user friendly, which attracts customers from all sectors.

We work jointly with client's in-house IT personnel and try to solve the problems within 24 hours of time.

Our Mission

Our main vision is to develop a strong Client base in the IT Industry. At ACE IT Solutions, we not only develop products, we also develop smooth customer relationships. We listen to our customer's requirements and deliver exact results as early as possible. Our aim is to provide low cost solutions to end customers thus we maintain fairest and most reasonable pricing policies.


Some of our Services

  • Every kind of business needs an engine to keep it running. The software is just like that, it plays a key role in every industry. ACE IT Solutions is a rapidly growing Custom Software Development Company, specialist in developing various Software Products for Retail. We use the latest software development platforms and tools that matches to the user's requirements. On the whole, we convert your ideas to applications. Our skilled professionals can help you out in developing the most appropriate software that will serve your specific needs.

    We provide cost-effective and reliable software solutions matching your specific needs. With highly experienced and qualified Professionals we provide solutions in the IT Industry like,

    ▪ POS Software

    ▪ Billing Software

    ▪ Inventory Management

    ▪ Sales management

    ▪ Production management

    ▪ ERP Solution

  • Domain Registration is a type of Internet hosting service which permits individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible through Internet worldwide.

    We, ACE IT Solutions provide high-end web hosting solution for the successful presence of your site in the web directory. We provide you the flexible hosting rates for the middle level and the top-level companies with 99.9% uptime. We provide Service for every business need no matter how small or large and also help you in every means to put your site online.

    Server Details

    ▪ Dual Hex Core Intel Xeon Processor E5-2620

    ▪ 256 GB ECC DDR3 RAM

    ▪ RAID 5 Hard Disk

    ▪ 1000 Mbps Port Speed

    ▪ 160 Gbps Backbone Network

  • We, ACE IT Solutions provide high-end web hosting solution for the successful presence of your site in the web directory. We provide you the flexible hosting rates for the middle level and the top-level companies with 99.9% uptime. We provide Service for every business need no matter how small or large and also help you in every means to put your site online. ,

    Special features

    ▪ Higher Cpanel and PHP Memory Settings

    ▪ 64 MB Upload Size in Cpanel

    ▪ 24 MB Upload Size in PHP

    ▪ 24 MB Post Max Size in PHP

    ▪ 64 MB PHP Memory Limit

    ▪ Softculaous

  • Doing business online is nothing nowadays. It is one of the most profitable ventures today, apart from which brand of trade you do. ACE IT Solutions has designed, developed and promoted number of web sites and also has provided web consultation services from basic to enterprise level. Having years of experience as Web Design and Development Company, we offer unique and affordable website designs to clients for global business.

    We design websites from scratch or modify your existing websites, with good look, search-engine friendly and with cross-browser compatiblity. We provide mock layouts and web site test pages to satisfy our clients by showing how exactly their site will look like, before it is delivered.

  • Rich Web Applications

    We also develop Web Applications that suits your requirement. Our web applications make a easy flow to your business by making them easy to manage and monitor. Our web applications come with cross-platform compatibility and also with great security.

    Special features

    ▪ Web Applications deliver the same functionality and features as desktop applications, but do not require downloads or installation because they operate inside a web browser.

    ▪ Web Applications can act as a virtual sales person, without a need for an actual sales and support staff to be on the back end.

    ▪ Web Applications can be a visual, eye catching and guiding the end user through the necessary steps to take on your site.

    ▪ They enhance your web site by adding additional elements, such as audio or video which is used to improve the user experience on your site.

    ▪ They also provide 24/7 support to your customers.

    Enterprise E-Commerce Solutions

    IT revolution has made e-commerce the latest trend in business process. Our shopping cart solutions helps your business go well and increases your sales and improve your revenue. Specifically E-Commerce Solutions enhances the working genre of your website in all dimensions, by bringing liquid money into your business.

    According to the U.S. E-Commerce Forecast, 2008 to 2013: "The overall retail pie shrinks as consumers cut back their overall spend, consumers will still continue to shift their wallet share to the web channel".

  • We at ACE IT Solutions provide VAPT for all types of websites. Once the testing process is completed, the detailed report about the vulnerability and its impacts with screen shots will be provided to the concern company. The vulnerability report about the website will be maintained securely.

    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is conducted when a company/organization completes the website designing and to avoid the loss of sensitive data by any kind of attack. As data is considered to be an asset to the company, in this we can help you in safe guarding the data. We will follow the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability list for Website Vulnerability Assessment.

    Our VAPT(Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) services:

    ▪ Website Vulnerability Assessment - In this precedure we will check for the technical vulnerabilities based on OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities by using some automated tools to check the website for more accurate result.

    ▪ Logical Penetration Testing - In this precedure we will check for the logical vulnerabilities by analyzing the architecture of the website and checking the workflow of website manually.

  • Search Engine Optimization means ensuring that your website is made visible and accessible in the top most search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. This will increase your traffic and make your website search engine friendly. Unfortunately, many web sites appear poorly in search engine rankings, or may not be listed at all, because they fail to consider how search engines work. Here, we are spending our time for our clients to make their sites to be placed in the top of the listing by providing them the best SEO techniques.

    Every search gives you a new customer, a new visitor, to your page overall to your business.

    Today, this is the effective technique to beat your competitors through promoting your website online and improve the chances of better sale. SEO can improve your overall business to achieve the attention to more customers from the world. Our SEO experts use only white hat techniques, which are healthy actions in raising your rankings in search engines.

  • We at ACE IT Solutions, provide web-based two-way, cost effective, comprehensive, customized messaging platform, for all organizations. The SMS solution enables business communication over the mobile, by providing a cost effective platform for interacting with a wider audience in a very short span of time.

    SMS reaches users instantly, even if the phone is switched off, the SMS is delivered at the moment when the phone is switched on. It can be delivered to people irrespective of location and time. Some salient features -

    ▪ Web Based Bulk SMS Service. No Software required.

    ▪ Send messages with your company/brand/product name as Sender ID.

    ▪ 99% service uptime and guaranteed SMS Delivery to all mobile networks in India.

    ▪ Send different messages to different mobile recipients at a time from Excel sheet upload.

    ▪ Easy HTTP API Integrations.

    ▪ This service is only available for Business Promotion purpose only.

    ▪ All services have lifetime Validity & There are no Restrictions.

    ▪ For SMS Pack - 100% Guaranteed Delivery on Authentic Data.

    ▪ For Email Pack -80% to 90% Guaranteed Inbox Delivery.

    ▪ Our terms and conditions are subject to change according to TRAI rules and regulations.

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